• Foilsithe ag: 22/07/2020

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This dataset contains data from the 2019 Courts Service Annual Report. This should be read in conjunction with the relevant published reports from our website.

  • 30% increase in interim barring order applications.
  • 40% drop in new bankruptcies.
  • 28% drop in possession cases initiated, and a 37% drop in possession orders.
  • 63% of rape sentences are over ten years in length.
  • 30% of licensing applications moved online.
  • Paperless hearings in commercial cases piloted.
  • 37% decrease in possession orders.
  • 28% decrease in new possession cases lodged.
  • 27% decrease in registered judgments for debt.
  • 33% increase in new small claims.
  • 30% decrease in new asylum cases lodged.
  • 22% decrease in applications for protection or supervision orders in childcare.
  • 10% increase in applications for leave to appeal.
  • 56% increase in number of applications dealt with.
  • 8% increase in new appeals in the Court of Appeal
  • 29% of appeals taken by lay litigants in the Court of Appeal